What is Ghost Leash?

Ghost Leash is a sleek and simple mechanical design that allows paddle boarders to better manage their ankle leash to allow for safe and efficient paddling in a wide range of conditions.

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Why Use Ghost Leash?

Safety first: wearing a leash is a must! Apart from the safety aspect of Ghost Leash, the system allows riders to use stronger longer leashes without the negative effects of drag.

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How Does it Work?

Ghost Leash attaches to your waist band or to a belt. To load simply fold the leash and feed it through the mouth of the device until the trailing leash is no longer in the water.

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Why We Need your Help!

Ghost Leash has preformed beautifully during the prototype phase. Our next step is creating a mold followed by production. We are working with a manufacturer with a great track record and years of experience in turning prototypes into finished products.

The challenge in getting Ghost Leash to market is funding, but with your help and the continued rapid growth of the paddle board industry, Ghost Leash can be a huge success. The SUP community is craving innovation as its market expands, and the creators of Ghost Leash are right on the bubble. Our team is well connected and deeply involved in the sport's growth. Many of the world's leading SUP athletes approve of the product and are excited to promote it, so please join us in bringing Ghost Leash to life and improving the SUP experience for all.


How You Can Help

Ghost Leash is ready for production and we do need your support to make this happen. Now that the prototype has been tried and tested, the next phase is injection molding. This is an expensive process and we are relying on you to help. Early contributions to our Kickstarter campaign will not only get you great rewards, but will also introduce safe and efficient SUPing to the world. We thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to sharing this great device with the SUP world!

Support Us

Visit our Kickstarter project to help fund Ghost Leash.