We get lots of questions! See our answers below. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

Does Ghost Leash Float?

Yes it does! Ghost Leash is buoyant and brightly colored. If for some reason the device is disengaged from the rider it will float brightly on the surface.

Can I Clip it onto my bikini?

Yes you can! Ghost Leash is designed to be attached to all forms of waist fitting swimwear. If you find it to be uncomfortable on your swimsuit waistband then you may prefer to use the Ghost Leash belt which snaps independently around the riders waist.

Is it Difficult to Use?

Simply, no! The system is mechanical and super easy to set. It is neither fragile nor is it complicated. The beauty of Ghost Leash is in its simplicity. It can be set and deployed within seconds.

How Big is It?

Ghost Leash is compact. It is roughly 3 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide and less than an inch thick. This allows for easy storage. Keep it in center console of your car, in your pocket or wrap it into your leash. Ghost Leash is the perfect fit.

How do I Get One?

Ghost Leash is not yet in commercial production but with your help we will be bringing it to market no later than August 2018. The product is in its prototype phase and we are fundraising on Kickstarter to bring it to the market. Please visit our Kickstarter page.

Do You Ship to Europe?

Yes we do! We will be shipping globally. Please note that shipping cost will vary and are based on standard shipping rates.

How do I attach Ghost Leash to My Wetsuit?

The Ghost Leash clip cannot be fixed directly to the waist of a wetsuit but is supplied with a belt that may be securely fixed to any waistline independently of a wetsuit or swimwear.

What else can I use Ghost Leash for?

Apart from sup surfing, racing, downwinding, touring and river riding ghost leash does have other applications. It is extremely useful in the emerging sup foiling arena. The dangers associated with sup foiling in surf are lessened by the use of Ghost Leash. Foils can be dangerous to the rider and others around. Ghost Leash allows foilers to use extra long leashes without the drag and at the same time maintaining control of the foil in crowded surf zones.


How You Can Help

Ghost Leash is ready for production and we do need your support to make this happen. Now that the prototype has been tried and tested, the next phase is injection molding. This is an expensive process and we are relying on you to help. Early contributions to our Kickstarter campaign will not only get you great rewards, but will also introduce safe and efficient SUPing to the world. We thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to sharing this great device with the SUP world!

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