Our Approach

We are completely immersed in the SUP industry and have been there from the beginning. We recognize that with each passing day our sport is growing and has rightly earned the title of the fastest growing water sport in the world. With this tremendous growth there must be innovation. Ghost Leash fuels this innovation and was born out of a need for enhanced performance and improved safety. As a company and as individuals we are committed to the growth of this sport and will continue to be a part of its exciting development.


Our Story

Sarah, a Philadelphia native took a surf lesson while on holiday in Barbados. Jason was her surf instructor and this chance meeting turned into something a bit more than a holiday romance. Sarah and Jason now live in Barbados and together they run a successful SUP company called Paddle Barbados. The Paddle Barbados team have introduced thousands of new paddlers to the wonderful sport and enjoy and encourage progression of their students as they explore the sport's varied disciplines.

Meet the Team

Jason Cole

Born in Barbados, Jason has always been a part of the island's vibrant water sports community. A natural waterman Jason loves SUPing, surfing, sailing, kitesurfing and makes a living sharing his passion with visitors from around the globe. He is a national SUP champion and is on the cutting edge of high performance SUP surfing. He contributes his SUP success to his wife Sarah's stoke.

Sarah Ruggieri Cole

Sarah, a Philadelphia native, moved to Barbados in 2011, leaving behind lots of family and a successful Project Management career in online marketing. Starting a new life in Barbados with Jason and opening Paddle Barbados are lifetime highlights. A genuine love and enthusiasm for SUP, and being able to share that with others on a daily basis makes living in Barbados a dream come true.

How You Can Help

Ghost Leash is ready for production and we do need your support to make this happen. Now that the prototype has been tried and tested, the next phase is injection molding. This is an expensive process and we are relying on you to help. Early contributions to our Kickstarter campaign will not only get you great rewards, but will also introduce safe and efficient SUPing to the world. We thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to sharing this great device with the SUP world!

Support Us

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