Ghost Leash: The Clip

The Clip snaps easily into position on the waistband of all swim trunks. The clip itself is built to last using strong recycled plastic material. It is small and compact, making storage easy. Leave it in your car and use it every sup session.

Ghost Leash: The Belt

The Belt adds extra security. Threading the belt through the clip allows Ghost Leash to be tightly secured to the waist in heavy conditions. The belt is also ideal where a bikini or a wetsuit do not provide an adequate clip on area.

Ghost Leash: Hydration

Ghost Leash integrates with your hydration system for races, downwinders and long distance adventures. The clip has been engineered to work with most strapping material and can be easily attached and detached for each use.

Ghost Leash Goes Green!

Sadly, our beaches and oceans are littered with single-use plastic packaging material. The Ghost Leash team is helping to alleviate this worldwide problem by utilizing recycled plastic to manufacture our unique and effective product. Ghost Leash is an eco-friendly, strong and durable device that you can feel good about using, not only because it improves your glide, but because it also makes a positive difference in our environment.

Simple. Effective. Easy to Use

Ghost Leash's cute and colorful designs hint at the product's simplicity. Its ease of use allows paddlers the freedom to ride uninhibited in a range of aquatic conditions. This simple device may not only improve the glide but may even save lives in its application.

How You Can Help

Ghost Leash is ready for production and we do need your support to make this happen. Now that the prototype has been tried and tested, the next phase is injection molding. This is an expensive process and we are relying on you to help. Early contributions to our Kickstarter campaign will not only get you great rewards, but will also introduce safe and efficient SUPing to the world. We thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to sharing this great device with the SUP world!

Support Us

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